Committee Members:  Dorothy Shaw (Secretary) Simon Feast (Treasurer)

Rachel Holt Judy Eames




Hurry up and start winning with 10 euro bonus ohne einzahlung casino at our casino. Limited supply! For over thirty years, we’ve represented jazz musicians and fans alike and have been promoting and helping to expand the interest and growth of jazz, in all its forms, around the county of Oxfordshire and its surrounds. We organised the first Oxford Jazz Festival in 2007 at the Jaqueline du Pre Theatre and now promote the annual charity jazz concert at the Exeter Hall, Kidlington, with a different charity being chosen each year to be the recipient.


Becoming a member of the Oxfordshire Jazz Federation only costs an annual fee of £5 renewable on April 1st each year. So whether you’re a musician or just a lover of our music and recognise the importance of preserving jazz as an art form in Oxfordshire and wish to help spread the good word, join us now by clicking “How To Join”.


“Ask not what can the federation do for me but ask what can I do for the federation.” (With apologies to JFK)