Committee Members:  Dorothy Shaw (Secretary) Simon Feast (Treasurer)

Rachel Holt Judy Eames



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1.  NAME – Oxfordshire Jazz Federation (OJF) herein referred to as the Federation.



a) To encourage the promotion of live jazz.

b) This promotion (& membership) to embrace and aim to attract all members of the community.

c) To promote, assist and encourage efforts to attain the highest possible standards in live jazz.

d) To bring together and encourage all kinds of jazz.

e) To promote the spirit of jazz and bring it into closer contact with other areas of music and other arts.

f) To promote, assist and improve the education of the general public in order to create a wider appreciation and interest in jazz, and the dissemination of knowledge and information to achieve this objective.

g) To attain stronger representation for jazz in the media

h) To increase the attention paid to jazz in all areas of musical education.

i) To do such lawful acts as are incidental to the promotion of the objectives of the Federation.

j) In pursuit of these objects, the Federation shall apply its efforts mainly, but not exclusively, to the

      area of Oxfordshire.



a) Membership of the Federation shall be open to all members of the public who support the objects of

the Federation upon payment of such annual subscription as may be determined from time to time

by the Management Committee.  Members shall be eligible to vote at General Meetings of the


b) Affiliation to the Federation will be available to any organisation, club or group supporting the objectives of the Federation and paying such annual subscription as may be determined from time to time by the Management Committee.  One nominated representative of such a group will be eligible to vote at General Meetings of the Federation.

c) The Management Committee shall present, at least once in each year, a report to members of the financial state and all activities of the Federation.

d) The Annual General Meeting shall be called by formal notice given to members not less than 14 days before the date of the Meeting.

e) The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be 3.

f) A person may be granted honorary membership by a unanimous vote of the committee.



a) The affairs of the Federation shall be the responsibility of the Management committee elected by

the members from amongst their own number.  Any individual member or any sole representative of an affiliated organisation is eligible.

b) Elections to the Management Committee shall be held annually at the Annual Meeting of the

       Federation, and all those elected or co-opted to the Committee shall be deemed to conclude their

       term of office at the next Annual Meeting of the Federation; they may, however, stand for re-election.

c) The Management Committee shall consist of not less than 4 elected members and not more than 8 elected/co-opted members – one of whom shall be elected by the General Meeting as Honorary Secretary and one as Honorary Treasurer.

d) The Management Committee shall elect its own Chairman, who will also be the Chairman of the Federation ex-officio.

e) The Honorary Secretary shall keep a Minute Book of the meetings, which shall constitute the only true record of the affairs of the Federation.  All members of the Management committee will receive copies of the minutes of each meeting.

f) The quorum of the Management Committee shall be not less than half of the number of the Committee.

g) The Management Committee shall determine its own rules for the conduct of meetings by majority vote



5.      FINANCE

a) The Federation will conduct its affairs through a bank account in the name of the Oxfordshire Jazz

       Federation and cheques on the account will be signed by two authorised signatories – one of whom

       shall be the Honorary Treasurer.

b) The financial year shall run from October 1st to September 30th and at the end of each financial year, the  Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for obtaining accounts for the Federation, audited by a

       qualified accountant.

c) The accounts shall be presented with the Annual Report to the Annual Meeting of the Federation as

       soon as possible after the end of the financial year, and in any case not later than December 1st.

d) Any activities undertaken on behalf of the Federation whether by the Management Committee or not,

       which require expenditure by the Federation or are likely to involve it in any financial liability must be

       approved by a majority of the Management committee.




a) Proposals for amendments to the Constitution may be brought up at a Committee Meeting of the Federation and must be carried by two-thirds of those present at the Meeting and eligible to vote.

b) A proposal to dissolve the Federation shall be notified to the Honorary Secretary not less than 28

      days before a General Meeting of the Federation, and in order to be carried shall be approved by no

      less than two-thirds for those present at the meeting and eligible to vote.  On dissolution, all debts of

      the Federation shall be paid and any surplus or remaining assets applied to the most similar

      organisation sharing the objects of the Federation.

c) In the event of dissolution of the Federation: all unspent grant monies to be returned to the

      appropriate funding bodies.  Any other remaining money to go to the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund.